O-Ring Quad Ring

X-Rings, also known as quad ring seals, provide technologically advanced sealing capabilities that surpass that of standard O-rings.Quad rings provide enhanced leak protection through its innovative design that avoids spiral twists, while utilizing parting lines between the lobes instead of on the sealing surface. Since X-Rings provide less friction due to their innovative design, they require less maintenance and provide a longer seal life compared to standard O-Rings.


HX-Ring seals provide four direct points of support for a wide range of applications. The four-lobed design produces a more secure seal to counteract spiral twisting. This allows the use of a narrower groove width than a standard O-Ring groove, but can also be used in a standard X-Ring groove. Quad Ring benefits include

Less wear due to low friction, thus providing a longer service life. Excellent sealing efficiency. Improved startup with the lubricant reservoir formed between the sealing lips. Increased stability in dynamic applications. Enhanced rolling resistance

Differences Between Quad Rings & O-Rings

There are several main differentiators that separate standard O-Rings from X-Ring’s four-lobed design. Standard O-Rings are built with a basic layout that provides simple leak protection, while Quad Rings have numerous advanced design qualities that allow them to provide enhanced protection. Quad Ring Seal’s offer a unique spiral twist design coupled with an inner lobe sealing surface that allows for prolonged seal life and improved operational quality.